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I Specialize In

Restorative Yoga

The practice is a form of meditation, and helps you learn how to surrender – not just on the mat, but in all areas of your life.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga can deepen the flexibility and elasticity of your connective tissues and bring more mobility and lubrication to stiff joints.


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What Are People Saying

“I have attended Emma’s enjoyable classes for over two years.  Emma is conscientious in her studies of Pilates and Yoga and cheerfully teaches both, varying the lessons each week. 

Emma is considerately mindful of  those in her class in their abilities and health issues

Laraine Shinn

Yoga and Pilates client, Longfield Integarted Care

“I was recommended by my osteopath to consider Pilates as a form of exercise that may help with a long term injury. As well as vastly improving my flexibility and wellbeing , I am able to further use the techniques taught, as and when, to alleviate my symptoms when they flare up. I feel I am benefiting not only on a physical level from the (Emma’s) class, but mentally when life is somewhat bewildering and challenging.”

Nikki Turner

Pilates Client, Longfield Integrated Care

I have been taking lessons in Pilates with Emma for nearly 4 years and Yoga for the last six months.  My flexibility and core strength has improved immensely since taking these classes  She takes great care to ensure her pupils perform the exercises and poses correctly and offers an alternative exercise if it is unsuitable to some pupils. There is always a short relaxation at the end of the classes to wind down which is very much appreciated.  I would highly recommend her.

Sue Tanswell

Yoga and Pilates Student, Longfield Integrated Care

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