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Cold Water Therapy

Cold Water Therapy

Cold water. It's not everybody's cup of tea, that's for sure. But what is the point of this wellness practice that has swept the world?...

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Working with The Bandhas

Working with The Bandhas

The bandhas are a powerful and advanced part of Yoga practice. They are often thought of as more of a concept than a purely physical...

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Recent Posts

Exercising in the heat – six tips to consider

At this time of year many of us start to think about taking a summer holiday.  Whether you are jetting off somewhere warm and sunny or opting for a staycation, your exercise routine may change and at times you may find yourself exercising in the...

The Menopause

Recently, there has been a lot of interest around the menopause. With Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow sharing their experiences on the menopause, the media have been shining a light on this topic.  As well as Davina McCall’s documentaries: Sex,...

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

We know that exercise is good for your physical wellbeing, but the mental health benefits are not quite so readily promoted. Not only can exercise improve our mood, help us manage stress, get a good nights sleep, but can also help us to manage times of anxiety or...

Managing stress in today’s busy world

Many of my clients are stressed and come to me seeking calm or a way to relax.  As busy Mums or those working in a hectic job, they are often looking for some time to re-group, ways of managing stress and take things at a slower pace.  Stress in...

Sleep Hygiene – Faulty Winks

Sleep Hygiene - Faulty Winks March the 18th is World Sleep Day. How is your sleep? Do you get a good night’s sleep every night?  Do you practice good sleep hygiene? Or do you suffer with insomnia? Does it vary? We spend a third of our life asleep, with most...

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