3 Ways to Start the New School Year with Confidence & Calm

By Emma Churchill

3 Ways to Start the New School Year with Confidence & Calm

By Emma Churchill

This ‘back-to-school’ time of year can be a trigger or bring about challenging feelings for many of us.  The feeling of excitement, anxiousness, insecurity, anticipation often accompany a feeling of overwhelm for both child and parent, as the roaring freedom of the summer comes to a close. New responsibilities, routines and academic challenges arrive, as term time looms once again and the daunting prospect of exams, timetables and tests are on the horizon.

Mental and physical fatigue can set in from all of that as well. The result can be kids that are physically scattered, unfocused, and somehow left both exhausted and overstimulated. Finding ways to stay calm, balanced, nourished and empowered through yoga and mindful living is the key to remaining grounded through this transitional time.

  1. Eat for the season

According to the science of Ayurveda, summer is considered to be more of a ‘pitta’ dosha season—hot, dry and bright. It makes sense that we tend to gravitate toward foods that are cooling, like fruits and certain vegetables that are typically eaten fresh and raw. As we move into autumn a more ‘vata’ dosha season — cool and dry —  we can begin to change our eating habits to flow with the energy of the season. As the temperature drops and the air gets crisper, eat plenty of foods that are growing in abundance, like root vegetables and seasonal fruits. Use these to prepare slightly heavier and warmer meals, like soups and stews with grains and beans, or roasted veggies. Cooked apples are a fantastic choice to satisfy your sweet craving as apple harvests begin in the UK. Think local and grow your own where possible!

  1. Structure Your Schedule

The changeability the energy during the coming season means that structure and schedule can be hugely beneficial to keeping a wellness routine in place. Focusing your attentions on staying grounded and well balanced is a sure-fire way to keep some structure in place. Creating visual representations of your weekly timetable can be a really fun and creative family activity to do. Why not put some time aside before the end of summer to get the family together and make a big, beautiful schedule to put on the fridge or somewhere everybody can see. Get creative, bio-degradable glitter is a super fun way to get crafty and be kind to the earth!

  1. Maintain Your Practice

As things cool off and the days get brisker, begin to move into deeper, more grounded and nourishing yoga poses in your home practice. As the temperature drops, you can incorporate warming sun salutations into your sequence or vinyasa sequences designed to ignite your Agni — mindbody fire — and solar plexus. Use warming breath practices to awaken the body and mind every morning and begin your day with a little vigour and meditation mid-afternoon/evening to reflect and check in with yourself (even 5 minutes will do!). Making sure you still get to your weekly Yoga or Pilates class is a great way to check in mid-week and find a little reflection time as well as giving yourself the gift of self-care during this busy transition.

How are you planning ahead for the next transitional phase of the year?

What are you most looking forward to this autumn?

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