Gentle Yoga – Stretch and Rest

Introducing Gentle Yoga – Stretch and Rest. A class suitable for pregnant women to attend from 14 weeks gestation. This class will include yoga poses – standing, kneeling and sitting.  You can expect to stregthen and stretch the body, particpate in breath work to calm and ease the mental chatter and a relaxation to soothe the mind.

This class takes place on a Tuesday evening 8.10-9.10pm at

Castle Hill Community Centre,        Ebbsfleet, DA10 1AD.

Please go to the classs schedule to book in.


Congratulations on discovering that you are pregnant, you are entering a truly special time in your life. Your pregnancy may have been a complete surprise or one that you have been working hard to achieve. Either way, you are probably filled with a range of emotions – elation, tiredness, anxiety, excitement and fear.

This wealth of emotions and feelings can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what the future holds as you grow this new life inside you. In addition to this, your body is undergoing radical changes to prepare the body to grow the baby, to protect the baby and deliver the baby. Some of these changes include weight gain, sore and bigger boobs, lethargy like you have never experienced, nausea, swollen ankles and a general sense of feeling discombobulated.

What to Expect

As a yoga, Pilates and mediation teacher, I have developed a pregnancy yoga and Pilates class that combines a range of my skills to offer the prospective mum some much needed time for her and an opportunity to move the body in a safe and protective manner, bearing in mind the ever-changing body in pregnancy. Gentle Yoga – Stretch & Rest class is a combination of yoga, mindfulness and some birth preparation exercises. All necessary skills to help keep the body feeling fit and well during this wonderfully challenging time. The classes will consist of exercises that seek to strengthen the bones and muscles whilst also helping to strengthen the mind focus in preparation for birth. The joints will be mobilised and muscles will be stretched in a sensitive manner. In addition to this, the class will include mindfulness mediation, breathing exercises and tools to help you with birth preparation.

    Class Description

    This pregnancy mindfulness class is suitable for expectant mums from the 14th week of their trimester up until their due date. If you have previously been a regular client of mine prior to pregnancy, then it is possible for you to attend before the 14th week of your trimester. Please ensure you have permission from your health care provider (usually midwife) that you are safe to participate. Unfortunately, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, then it is unlikely that you will be able to attend the classes. Please do check with Yoga and Pilates with Emma before purchasing the pass if you have been considered a high risk.

    How do I book and pay?

    To book a class, you should contact Cygnet Leisure  to book

    What do in need to bring?

    Please bring your own mat (preferably a yoga or Pilates mat), a pillow and blanket and any other yoga or Pilates equipment that you have.

    What should I wear?

    Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in.

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