Exercising in the heat – six tips to consider

By Emma Churchill

Exercising in the heat – six tips to consider

By Emma Churchill

At this time of year many of us start to think about taking a summer holiday.  Whether you are jetting off somewhere warm and sunny or opting for a staycation, your exercise routine may change and at times you may find yourself exercising in the heat.  Holidays are also a time to relax and recharge, but continuing with your exercise routine, is important, to maintain fitness levels and take care of our mental wellbeing.  In our latest blog we wanted to share with you six tips to consider when exercising in the heat:

1. Exercise in the morning

Exercising first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day.  It can help set you up in the right frame of mind, Jasmin Theard, ACSM HFS, an exercise physiologist at Piedmont Atlanta Fitness Center says. “Exercise leads to the secretion of neurotransmitters that promote mental clarity and an improved attention span“. Typically, it is also cooler in the morning, which will mean you are less likely to sweat as much and therefore feel more comfortable.

2. Go for a walk

You may decide to vary the type of exercise you take, instead of running 10k, you might consider practicing yoga, Pilates or going for a walk instead.  Going for a brisk walk raises your heart rate without the physical impact and strain that is encountered with more cardiovascular activities, plus has the added advantage of enabling you to explore the local area.  Going for a walk will also still help you achieve your optimum daily 10,000 step count.

3. Exercise clothing

The type of clothing you wear can help you feel more comfortable when you exercise.  In the head, wear as little as possible, by opting for shorts and a vest top, allowing your skin to release moisture and help keep your temperature down.  Clothing that is made from natural material such as cotton or linen, is not only lightweight, but will help absorb moisture from the body.

4. Apply sun cream

Try to always take exercise in the shade when outside, but don’t forget to apply plenty of sun cream to help protect your skin.

5. Keep hydrated

Exercising can cause you to lose up to 2 litres of fluid, more in the heat.  With approximately 55-60% of the human body being made up of water, it is important to drink plenty of water during after exercising.  If you do not drink enough water, it can lead to dehydration, which in turn can cause dizziness, fatigue, confusion and thirst; extreme dehydration can also lead to diarrhoea, vomiting and even require hospital treatment.  It is best to sip water regulary during and after exercise, as your body will be able to absorb it better.

6. Reduce your exercise

Reducing your exercise time, repetitions or intensity, will all help to keep your heart rate at a lower level; consequently, reducing your temperature and your sweat levels.  For example, rather than exercising for 60-minutes try 30-minutes and in terms of repetitions, don’t do as many or work as hard.  When exercising in the heat, a gentler form of exercise, such as walking, Pilates or yoga, can still offer a lot of the same health benefits and in some cases more, than more intense or extreme forms of exercise such as weightlifting and running.

In Conclusion

We know exercise is good for us and can not only keep our body fit, but our minds as well, in one of our recent blogs we explored this a little further, click here to read on.  When exercising in the heat, reconsider your approach to exercise and adapt accordingly to your surroundings.  If you would like to take some Pilates and yoga work outs with you on holiday, why not try our Gold Digital package.  And of course, if you would like to try our in person yoga or Pilates classes, we offer any new clients the opportunity to try their first class for free – get in touch to discover more or arrange your session.

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